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Barefoot Int

Barefoot Int Aluminum Fly High X Pole – One Piece


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Artikelnummer: 2022-W913X

Aluminum X-Pole(W913X):

Do you have a boat that didn’t come with a factory tower and looking for a way to increase your rope height? We have the answer for that too! Barefoot International is the industry leader in pylon extensions. They are manufactured from the same aircraft grade materials as our booms because we are firm believers that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

If you’re after a pylon but not looking for all the tech and the cost of the 2-piece Fly High, the Barefoot International X-Pole is exactly what you’re looking for. This pylon extension is also designed to fit on 2.5” pylons. However, the X-Pole is one piece and made from aluminum which is anodized black in color. Two braided steel cables connect the X-Pole to your bow eye for superior strength and safety. There is a polycarbonate sleeve inside the aluminum to reduce vibration and protect your factory pylon from damage.

Tech Specs and Summary:

  • Fits 2.5” factory pylons
  • Attaches to the bow with two braided steel cables
  • Delrin swivel reduces wear and tear on ropes
  • Polycarbonate sleeve to protect factory pylon and dampen vibration

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