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Barefoot Int

Barefoot Int Boom Height Adjuster


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Artikelnummer: 2022-B107

Boom Height Adjuster(B107):

Just like our booms, our boom accessories are made from high quality aircraft grade materials to provide industry leading safety and reliability. The Height Adjuster is designed with quick release pins to make usage quick and easy. Simply pin the square end of the adjuster into the boom clamp just like you would the regular boom end. Then, insert the boom end into the desired hole on the adjuster to raise and lower the user end of the boom up to 12” either direction making the boom much easier to use for riders of various heights.

Tech Specs and Summary:

  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Only compatible with pylon mounted booms
  • Changes boom height up to 12” in either direction
  • Regularly apply clear silicone grease to the quick release pins to keep them working properly
  • Comes with 1 ½” quick release pin needed for use
  • 2” x 2 ¼” x 13”

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