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Monster Tower

Monster Tower Hangtyte System


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Invented by wakeboarding legend Cobe Mikacich, Hangtyte is the perfect solution for eliminating standing water on mooring covers without the use of poles or having to climb under the canvas. Traditional pole systems offer very little protection to your mooring cover and can be incredibly difficult to set up. Instead once the Hangtyte is installed on your cover, it’s quick and easy to set up at a moment’s notice. Adding a Hangtyte reduces water pooling and mildew to prolong the life of your cover.

Installing the Hangtyte system is a simple process and only needs to be done once, unlike traditional pole systems that must be set up every time they’re needed. A cutting template is included for your convenience and peace of mind. To use, simply pull the rope tight with the ratcheting suspension system to prevent water pooling and damage to your boat. No tie off is required. The clamshell clamp of the Hangtyte will be permanently mounted to your boat cover. This allows you to simply hook the rope over the tower when you need to cover your boat. Additionally, since the Hangtyte is permanently attached to your cover you’ll never have to worry about losing it or any parts. Depending on the size of your vessel, multiple Hangtytes may be needed. 1 Hangtyte in the cockpit of your boat is perfect for boats 21′ and under. We recommend using 2 Hangtytes (one in the bow, and one in the cockpit) for 22′-23′ boats. For boats 24′ and larger, 3 Hangtytes work best (one in the bow, and two in the cockpit).


  • Prevents water pooling and mildew to prolong the life of boat covers
  • Simple, permanent, one-time installation with included cutting template
  • Universal fit – works with any boat and can be installed on any cover
  • Multiple Hangtytes may be used depending on the size of your boat
  • Easy-to-use ratcheting system eliminates the need for traditional poles

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