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Boat wakeboards have a different core structure and a different area of use. The core is made of foam to generate more thrust on the wave. In addition, the boards for the boat have fins to ensure more stable landings, especially in or on the 2 wave as well as in the flat at 33-38kmh.

Cable boards have wood or hybrid cores that are flexible to avoid breaking, especially on obstacles. Most of them have no fins, but some have a shape in the underwater hull. Flex also helps with landings and enables presses on the ostacles.

90% of all boards & bindings are compatible and have 6 inch inserts with M6 thread. All popular manufacturers such as Hyperlite, Liquidforce, Reckless, Ronix, Slingshot, Obrien etc. have been using these systems since 2012.

Older boards had 8 inch hole spacing and inch threads. If you have a board or binding that is older than 6-7 years, contact us in advance to get options explained.

Then there are few special series like Liquidforce 4D where the 4D binding fits only on 4D boards (with the rail). However, all standard M6 bindings from other manufacturers fit on the LF 4 D boards.

If you have any doubts about this, please call us.


What should I look for when buying a board? :

  • Areas of use: boat or cable?
  • Size / weight?
  • Where and how often do I ride?
  • Riding ability
  • Cable Bords: Do I get soft or medium flex?
  • Do I do inverts or would I like to do inverts?
  • Which boat with which wave / speed / line length?
  • Preferences regarding shape brand etc.?
  • Budget too, of course?

All this must or should be considered. Of course we will help you to find the best material for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different bindings?

Open toe is often considered inferior, but this is not true depending on the model. OT are very suitable for narrow feet, feet that are still growing or to cover several size ranges. The disadvantage of cheap models is less support and lateral play in the forefoot area.
CT prevent this lateral movement of the boot and you have a more direct power transmission and less play. Most CT boots have a better liner and more support and stiffness.
System Boot and binding as a set has an optimal power transmission to the board and a lot of adjustment possibilities concerning the board and the boot. You can get in and out very quickly during take-offs and the system is more durable because there is less wear. The disadvantage is that you are slower when swimming and the shoe always stays on.

We are happy to advise you on the best options for your use.



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