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Perfect Pass

Perfect Pass 5 Star Gazer Jumbo LCD Display – Malibu Orange


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Artikelnummer: PPLCDDP04

Perfect Pass manufactures hundreds of Display combinations to fit and compliment almost any dash cluster. Typically the Display will replace the existing boat speedometer since the Perfect Pass speedometer reading is GPS accurate. However, the tachometer can also be replaced.

The following Displays are just a sampling of our most common units that are available. Most are available with a variety of bezels to match any boat. (Stainless Steel, Black, Gold, White)

If you do not see one that matches your boat, just ask us and we can likely build one for you.

  • Note: Replacement displays for existing systems purchased before 2010 will likely need to upgrade their paddle wheel systems to GPS Stargazer so the new Display is compatible. (Older paddle wheel systems used an Intel platform that was discontinued by INTEL)

Marine Speedometers/Tachometers are manufactured in only two industry sizes. They are commonly referred to as either 3.5 inch (Often referred to as 4 inch) or the very large 5 inch which are common on newer ski boats such as Malibu & Nautiques.

If you measure across the front of your existing speedometer or tachometer you will find the following:

  • * If it measures about 3.5 – 3.75 inches then you will require a 3.5 inch PerfectPass Display
  • * If it measures about 4.5 – 4.75 inches then you will require a 5 inch PerfectPass Display

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