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Barefoot Int

Barefoot Int Adjustable Pro Ski Tow Pylon (86-147cm High)


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Artikelnummer: 2022-W411

Adjustable Pro Ski Tow Pylon(W411):

Do you have an outboard boat that you’d like to safely ski behind, but it is not outfitted with a pylon? Barefoot International has you covered! Our stainless-steel pylons use triangular geometry and high-quality steel to produce a rock-solid hitch point for your rope.

The Adjustable Pro Ski Tow is one of our best-selling pylons because it can adjust from 32” to 57” in height, so it fits the widest range of boats. This pylon is also equipped with a Delrin swivel at the hitch point to reduce strain on your ropes and make for seamless transfers from side to side behind the boat. 

WARNING! Aftermarket pylons should NOT be used to tow tubes/other inflatables, multiple skiers, or stranded boats. They are only safety rated for one individual skier/wakeboarder.


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