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Monster Tower

Monster Tower Mirror Mount & CIPA Style Mirror w/2.5“ Clamp


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The Monster Tower mirror mount has the same unique quick release mechanism, just like our wakeboard racks, which allows for easy removal. The tower mirror mount combined with a 18cm x 36cm CIPA M1C style tower mirror will help you make sure your rider is always safe and having a great time. The advantage of a tower mirror is how it mounts directly to your tower allowing for improved positioning to watch your rider. Never again do you need to worry about wear to your windshield caused by other windshield mirror mounting brackets. Order the optional inserts and this mirror is adjustable to fit any tower with a tubing diameter of 1 5/8″ to 2.5″.

• The Monster Tower mirror only works with the bar style mount displayed. It also does not work with CIPA Extreme (unless you have an adaptor) or other CIPA mirrors with the ball and socket mount.
• Quick release mounting bracket for removal in seconds
• Strong Billet aluminum bracket & mount with 18cm x 36cm CIPA M1C style mirror
• Improved positioning of mirror on a tower instead of windshield mounting
• Adjustable to fit any wakeboard tower with tubing diameter of 1-5/8″ to 2-1/2″ with universal inserts
• Adaptor is also available for the CIPA Extreme mirror, sold separately (link to that product if available)
• Includes CIPA Style mirror

Hey, this is Amanda from Monster Tower here tell you about our universal mirror mount 7 X 14 CIPA style mirror, head for superior corrosion resistance is polished and anodized. It’s made of 6063 T6 Aluminum is held together by 303 stainless steel fasteners. It is quick release and can be mounted on any tower 1 5/8 inches all the way up to two and a half. It also has a rotation of 360 degrees, so you can get that perfect angle. Five year warranty and if you don’t love it, we want it back.


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