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HO Sports

HO Sports Molecule 2D Towable Tube


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The new Molecule 2D is like no other tube out there. Utilizing HO Sports‘ Patented Sphere Technology, the front of this deck style tube is elevated off the water’s surface giving you the smoothest ride of any deck tube out there. This elevated, deck style sphere tube glides effortlessly through smooth or rough water utilizing the spheres to help absorb the shock of passing waves. The Molecule 2D not only rides well but it’s easy to climb back on from the water. With inflatable stabilizers to prevent slipping off the side, padded knee and elbow pads, soft foam handles and HO Quick Connect Tow Attachment this tube has got everything you need. Rated for 2 adults, the 2D is sure to turn heads on your lake.

Style: Towable
Riders: 2
Size: 304 x 210cm

• Sphere Technology
• Softshell Technology
• Tail-Dragger Design for Easy Re-Boarding
• Quick Connect Tow Attachment System
• 2 Way Boston Valve
• 2K Tube Rope Required

Softshell Technology
Abrasion Resistant – reduced „tube rash“ often caused by traditional nylon covers. Temperature Controlled – doesn’t become hot to the touched due to sun exposure like traditional nylon covers





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