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Fishmaster Rod & Reel Strap


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We spend a ton of cash on our rods and reels, and losing one isn’t just financially painful – it also means you’re down a rig for that day of fishing. But you can ensure this doesn’t happen, by improving your fishing boat with Fishmaster’s T-Top Rod Safety Straps. These 11-inch long, 0.3-inch diameter rod & reel safety straps have loops so you can easily slip one end around a rod or reel, and the other around pipework, rod holders, or hardware, to keep those rods and reels safely secured no matter how rough the seas are nor how hard the boat rocks.


  • Looped design secures your rod and reel inside your rod holder
  • Protecting your gear in the roughest conditions
  • 11″ total length
  • 0.3″ diameter bungee cord

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