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Fishmaster Pro T Top Vertical Brace Standoffs – Set of 2


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Artikelnummer: FM-SOF051

We don’t believe in over accessorizing at Fishmaster. If you are a fan of choices, you may need these T-Top Vertical standoffs to help strengthen your t-top in rough waters.


  • Significantly increases frame stiffness, but rarely needed
  • Beneficial for use on consoles less than 30″ tall. Works well with inflatables
  • Only needed for heavily accessorized T-Tops (over 100 lbs) used regularly in very rough water
  • Installation can be done in a few hours
  • Includes quick release knobs for quick and easy removal for folding down the T-Top
  • Can be mounted to the side, front, or top of the console
  • We recommend you use anti seize material while assembling

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