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Fishmaster Pro Leaning Post w/DeLuxe Backrest

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Experienced anglers know that a leaning post is the best helm seating option on a fishing boat. Unlike regular seats, leaning posts let you either sit or stand at the helm, provide easy access when you need to get to and from the rods quickly, and support a number of accessories that are helpful for fishing. And if all of those things sound appealing, you’ll be interested in checking out our Fishmaster Pro Series Leaning Post, which comes fully rigged and ready for serious fishing action right out of the box.

What is different about the two Pro Series Leaning Post options?

The Pro Series leaning post is made with a patent-pending modular design that allows for a grab rails option or deluxe back rest option. The Deluxe Back Rest upgrade comes equipped with four installed rocket launchers and three 316 grade stainless steel cup holders. Rocket launchers feature a plastic liner that protects fishing equipment and a gimbal pin to keep your rods secure.


  • Patent-Pending Modular Design with Deluxe Backrest Upgrade
  • Industry Leading 2.25″ Tubing Easily Handles Offshore Waters
  • 102° Angled Backrest Upgrade Provides Added Comfort
  • Available in Bone White Powder Coat or Bright Dipped Anodized Finish
  • Complements the Style and Curves of the Pro Series T-Top
  • Foot Rest Conveniently Flips Down for Added Comfort
  • Accommodates a 96 Quart Igloo Cooler Underneath
  • Seat Dimensions: 44 3/4″ (W) – 16″ (D) – 31″ (H)
  • Deluxe Backrest option adds 14″ in height and 8″ in depth

DeLuxe Backrest Upgrade

  • Upholstered backrest for superior comfort

For those long runs to the fishing hole or to a fun spot with the family, we have designed the Pro Series leaning post to provide ample comfort even in rough waters. The backrest’s upholstery complements the black and white design of the seat for a stylish combination that accents any boat well.

  • Three Stainless Steel Cup Holders

For your convenience, three stainless steel cup holders are built into the backrest providing ample space to sit your favorite beverage. Each cup holder features a drain at the bottom and is made of 316 stainless steel, meaning they’ll last for years to come.

  • Four Welded-on Rod Holders

You can never have enough storage space on your boat. That’s why four integrated rod holders have been designed to hold rod and reel sets as well as fishing nets and gaffes. These rod holders are angled, allowing you to troll from them and feature plastic liners that provide extra protection for your equipment. For added safety, secure your rods and reel into the holders with rod safety straps.

The First Modular Leaning Post

A favorite among boat-building OEMs, the Fishmaster Pro Series Leaning Post allows you to choose the functionality that’s right for you. Its patent-pending, modular design offers options for a grab rail or a backrest depending on your needs and preferences. The sweeping arc of the side profile complements that of the Pro Series T-Top to enhance your boat like only the Pro Series can.

Lift-Up Seat

From a distance it may look like an ordinary leaning post, but it’s so much more. The seat of your Pro Series Leaning Post can be easily unfastened and lifted up to provide additional storage with an optional dry bag (sold separately) – you might think of it as your glove box! This is an ideal place to keep valuables, snack, towels, and other accessories handy and easily accessible.

Flip-Down Footrest

We’re boaters too. We understand that there’s nothing worse than running out of space on the deck or banging your shin on the hinge of a footrest. That’s why we’ve designed the Pro Series Leaning Post to feature a footrest with recessed hinges. Simply flip down to provide support and comfort or flip up when not in use for additional walking room.

Designed To Fit Coller Underneath

Concerned about preserving deck space on your boat? We’ve designed our Pro Series Leaning Post to offer space beneath to accommodate a 96 qt. Igloo cooler (Yeti Tundra 75) or comparable ice chest up to 34-3/8” wide. Storing your cooler beneath your leaning post keeps your favorite drinks, snacks, or bait handy while freeing up valuable space.

Flow Through Foam

When it comes to the construction of our Pro Series Leaning Post, we make no sacrifices. Each cushion is individually formed and molded from T320/2 upholstery which has a high density and will not lose its shape over time. Additionally, the upholstery’s flow-through design allows water to pass through the cushion without being absorbed, preventing your seat from becoming soggy in rough waters or after heavy rains. On the bottom of the seat cushion we use stainless steel staples to secure a black oxford cloth that reduces the risk of mold and mildew.

High Quality Finish Options

To ensure your leaning post stands up to years of use and matches any boat’s style, the Pro Series Leaning Post is available in your choice of anodized or powder-coated finishes. The anodized finish comes from a dip in an anodizing bath, while in the powder coating process a coating is applied to the tubing and cured with heat. Both processes create a protective coating that acts as a barrier against harsh marine elements. To keep your anodized leaning post looking like new you’ll need to regularly polish the finish, whereas a powder coated t-top requires little to no maintenance and is preferred with today’s OEMs


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